CEDO INC. is a pioneer in garage door and hardware fabrication since 1950.

Constant demand from custommers to build a garage door made of steel and polyurethane has brought CEDO to manufacture this type of door as early as 1987, the C 3000 CEDOTHERM SERIE.

Above the insulation type used, the insulation quality of all garage doors relies on the effectiveness of it’s panels joints. After adressing this problem, Pierre Juneau, CEDOMATEC INC’s president, developped and patented exclusively for CEDO, a new male/female type joint with thermal break in three separate places, aiming to stop any infiltration and to ensure a maximum sealing capacity.

During the 1990’s, renovation market being in a constant rise, the need for a high yield insulation door is more and more pressing. In order to adress this need, CEDO creates the C 5000 PROGRESSIVE SERIE made of steel, and the C 7000 F-1 SERIE made of aluminum, with polyurethane foam insulation reaching the highest insulation factor on the market.

CEDO conceives a new robotised spreading process open section, with polyurethane without CFC11 allowing a better uniformity of the insulation foam, replacing the old high pressure injection method which is widely used over the industry. The high pressure injection Causing turbulence in insulation, weakening the panel’s stiffness and lowering at the same time the insulation factor. CEDO always watching for ways to provide the best quality

During the year of 1997, the ever growing demand of european and american markets forces direction to find a new plant that allows to fit the equipments needed for a global expansion towards internationnal merkets. So CEDO moves it’s operations to Repentigny, in the Montreal suburbs. The new plant, offering much more room space with 180,000 square feet (16722M²) is best conceived to fit the new equipments destined to deliver for the targeted market.

In the year 2002, CEDOMATEC still and always listening to it’s clients needs, launches a new residential line, DURA SERIE.

The great vision of Pierre Juneau entrepreneur, founder and president of CEDO, surrounded by a performant team to it’s own image, has known how to create an enviable status in the new global economy.