CEDO Garage doors

In business since 1947, CEDO is giving it’s clients a great variety of garage doors for all types of homes. We manufacture door for residential, commercial and industrial use made of aluminum or steel, acording to a great selection of models, finishes and colors. In fact, no matter what is your house’s style, (contemporary, victorian, rustic or other), we offer superior quality products adapted to your needs. We are primarily commited to go beyond our clients expectations offering options and specifications never seen elsewhere. In other terms, we offer you a product which is addapted to your needs and requirements. This beeing said, you can go for a door that has your choice of material and color that will fit your house’s exterior. May it be for a simple or multiple doors, you can add options (like windows including tiles, or paneling to add style). Never the less, while our installation team pay you a visit, they will be more than happy to guide you and advise you regarding the style and finish that are available to you in order to make it all much simpler for you! Always in the perspective of getting the best to our custommers, we are also offering a maintenance and inspection program of our garage doors adding many years to the product’s life. While performing the installation, we will make you maintenance recommendations that will come in handy. Our installation team is also available to answer any questions you might have about use and to help you if an adjustment or a repair would have to be performed. Finaly, CEDO garage doors are bearing our clients trust since number of decades and we invest in research and development every year to always give you the latest in technological advancement and esthetics trends.Contact us today to start customizing your door and see the amount of possibilities.